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After seeing Dominique and Scorpius together in the Hospital Wing, she couldn’t help the short stab of jealousy that was inside her. How come Dominique fucked around with guys for the fun, yet gets a guy in the end? Of course, Dominique is beautiful and it’s bound to happen. Taking a detour back to the Common Room, Arianna makes sure she’s not being followed by anyone, especially big brother. Finding a quiet spot high in the Astronomy tower, Arianna sparks up her lighter and lights her cigarette. She shouldn’t smoke, she knows this. But after hearing about her best friend being in hospital she needed it.

Arianna watches out over the Hogwarts grounds, the small ant like students roaming the courtyards between classes and the small pockets of them stood around watching a gobstones match. She sighed, knowing she was never one to stand around with a crowd, she was always alone, that’s probably why she is how she is. A slut, as they once called her. Everyone is saying Dominique is the slut of Slytherin, but they didnt have a clue, neither did Ari until she found Dominique’s diary, telling all about how Scorpius is the only person to have Dominique sexually, but not emotionally. She’d also read about Christian, and Dominique’s dilemma between choosing whether she should go for the good guy and possibly break his heart, or be safe and go for the guy she can be herself with. It broke Arianna’s heart to read it.

After finally finishing the cigarette, she tossed it off the side of the tower. It was still quite warm, so she decided to stay. Hoisting herself up, she took a seat on the railings, her wand in her hand just incase she was unfortunate enough to fall.

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    She doesn’t talk go him and waves goodbye as she reaches there splitting point, heading for the common room.
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    Dan nodded, grinning to himself. “Fair enough.” He agreed, amused be her resumed nonchalance as he followed her down the...